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What is analyzed in my EpixLife Epigenetic Profile?

We analyze the markers of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids via genetic expressions. We also evaluate the functionality of your immune system (intestinal health, sleep, cardiovascular system, energy production, stress, cellular hydration), environmental stressors (heavy metals, chemicals and hydrocarbons, electrosensitivity, radiation), microbiome indicators and much more to create your Epigenetic Report.

Why the Optimization Plan for Athletes?

At EpixLife we know that athletes have special nutritional needs at the cellular level due to the intensity and constant development of their physical work. Your body suffers a higher level of oxidative stress, so it is essential for an optimized diet to choose foods with a high nutritional load at the cellular level.

When we talk about sports (especially of high performance) the saying "we are what we eat" has a special relevance: if your caloric intake and your ability to replenish nutrients, fats, minerals and essential amino acids are not enough to satisfy the needs that your body faces due to different challenges, it is difficult for your body to overcome increasingly demanding goals. Today, caloric intake in tune with your energy expenditure is no longer enough if you want to reach your maximum sports performance level. And this is where epigenetics and our technology can help you.

Why the Epigenetic Report for Vegans?

If you have decided to opt for a vegan diet, you should know what nutrients your body needs to function properly at the cellular level.

Currently, there are a number of risks associated with nutrient necessities at the cellular level that may be linked to a vegan diet. That is why our EpixLife Epigenetic Studies allow you to access your epigenetic nutritional needs while only recommending foods that fit your lifestyle.

How will I receive my results?

Your results will be displayed on our EpixLife eHealth Platform 4.0, which you can access with personal credentials provided on purchase of an EpixLife test kit. You’ll always have access to your reports as well as the constant support of our team of professionals, always here to help you towards your goals.

What is in my Epigenetic Sample Kit?

Once you purchase the EpixLife Report, we will send you an Epigenetic Sample Kit to use it for the extraction. Each Kit contains 5 items that are necessary for the correct procedure. 

Your Epigenetic Kit Contains:

1. Return Mailer 2. Biopack 3. Glove 4. Tweezers 5. Hermetic bag

What is in my Epigenetic Sample Kit? | Epixlife

What are the possible consequences our body might experience if the metabolic processes are not optimized?

It can affect each athlete differently, but whether you are a high-performance athlete or an amateur, these are some of the indicators that can help you identify a non-optimized metabolic process: poor sleep, weakened immunity to external aggressors, difficulty concentrating, irritability, aches before and after training, susceptibility to injuries and lack of post-training recovery. It is important to note that if your body functions with non-optimized metabolic processes over a long period of time, it might cause several chronic-degenerative diseases.

What is the minimum age requirement for a scan?

The metabolic composition of a child is not "settled" until the age of puberty. That is why we recommend the scan for everyone older than 12 years old.

How can your hair show which foods to avoid?

The signature wave of the hair is as unique to each person as their fingerprint. Hair is a biological marker that is born in the same embryonic cell where the central nervous system is formed. This marker allows us to obtain toxicology information and decode internal signals, that is, environmental or dietary information that is affecting our own biology. When we are awake, our metabolism is in "fight" mode. The foods that we eat and do not tolerate hardly affect us during that time. However, when we return to our resting position, our metabolism switches to recovery mode. That is when our food intolerances make our system work harder.

The results are poor sleep patterns and reduced nutritional absorption, among many other factors. The first step to take is to avoid the foods listed in the report for the next 90 days. As your body adjusts to the new wellness regimen, your intolerances and the list of foods to avoid will change as well.